Buried in Guilt – IV

Gerald Van-Lare walked as quickly as he could to his girlfriend, Petrina’s house. It was already nine in the morning and he had not heard from her since the previous night. He really wondered what at all had kept Petrina from picking up all his calls. The next thing he knew, her phone went off. He was however not worried about her. Petrina was like that. She had days when she just did not want to talk to him. He did not expect that from her especially after how her visit to his house had ended the previous night.

Well, she does have a right to be angry. After all, I disobeyed her.

He had spent the whole morning thinking about how to initiate a conversation with her just in case she was actually angry. Petrina. He really loved her. But after almost two years of their relationship, he still struggled to calm her down when she was angry. He was however very confident that as time progressed, he would definitely understand her better.

He took a deep breath when he got to her gate before ringing the bell. He had hardly done so when he heard the sound of running feet.

“Petrina! Petrina!”

Gerald was confused. That was the voice of Laudina, Petrina’s elder sister who was preparing to get married. Any time he saw her with her fiancé, he could not wait for that moment when he and Petrina would be preparing for theirs too.

The door flung open and there stood a disheveled looking Laudina.

She looked at him with frantic eyes and asked, “Where is Petrina?”

Gerald was confused.

Why is Laudina desperately looking for her sister at nine o’clock on a Saturday morning? And why is she asking me?

“Where is she?” Laudina asked in a more demanding tone this time around.

“Petrina? Er… I don’t know. I’m even coming to see her myself.”

“You don’t know? The last thing I know was that she came to your place.”

“She came to my place, yes.” Gerald answered still confused. “But that was last night. I haven’t seen her this morning.”

“Exactly what I mean! Last night. That was the last time we saw her or spoke to her. In fact make that in the afternoon, since she left the house for your place at about three.”

“The last time you heard from her was before she came to my place?” Now Gerald was beginning to panic. “But she left my house at about eight. That was even before the rains started.”

“Are you kidding me?” Laudina suddenly seemed to notice they were standing in the sun and pushed open the gate to let Gerald in.

“Wait, Gerald. What are you saying?”

“Laudina, is she in?” Mrs. Bannerman came running out. She stopped when she saw Gerald. “Where is Petrina?”

Why do these people suddenly think I have more knowledge about Petrina than they do?   

“Please, mum. I don’t know.”

“This is not the day to call me mum, Gerald! Where is Petrina? And why did you ask her to turn off her phone? Where is she? The fact that we have accepted you as a family member does not give you a right to keep Petrina in your house overnight.”

Gerald realized where all this was getting to. It looked like somehow Petrina had not gotten home last night. At least that is what they seemed to be saying. Obviously, since he was the last person they knew she had been with, he was the one who had to be accused. Gerald was so confused. What was happening?


How are Gerald and the Bannerman family going to deal with the sudden disappearance of Petrina? Would Gerald be able to convince them enough that he really did not know of her whereabouts? The story continues…


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  1. hope they don’t hold him responsible for her AWOL? That would be cruel!

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