Buried in Guilt – Comments from the Author

Dear Faithful Readers!

Thanks so much for following Buried in Guilt to the very end! It’s been great knowing that I would always have you to read each post of my story.

I was moved to write this story when I pondered about the countless number of people (including me :-)) who are crippled by their past in one way or the other, whether over a small or grave issue. We feel so much buried in our guilt that we struggle to make the future better. My prayer is that this story has inspired you in one way or the other to make that bold decision to let go of the past and look into the future. Remember, it is the decision that is most important.

As this is my first published story, I would love to hear from you! Keep your comments coming so that you would always love reading from adesabe.

Sean-Isaac Addo-Mensah, a friend I just reconnected with deserves great thanks! His blog inspired me to begin my blog. Thanks Sean. (Sean blogs here http://qwamenah.wordpress.com/. Do visit!)

Martina Awo Johnson, my doctor in the making, also helped a lot with the final post. These medical terms are…:-). Thanks Martina!

Thanks you all once again. Keep reading!!!


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